Catalogue your artwork.

Unfortunately ArtHandler is no longer available for purchase. You can continue to use your existing copy of ArtHandler until it will - eventually - no longer be compatible with new versions of macOS.

Introducing ArtHandler 1.5

What’s New?

ArtHandler 1.5 looks better. ArtHandler’s toolbar has undergone an interface update.

New ArtHandler Toolbar New ArtHandler Toolbar

Old ArtHandler Toolbar Old ArtHandler Toolbar

Share images and artwork (images & captions). ArtHandler 1.5 extends its use of OS X’s Share features. Share menus can be found in the Artwork and the Image menu. Also, ArtHandler 1.5 adds a Share button to the toolbar that offers both artwork (image & caption) and image sharing.

OS X comes with built-in Share Extensions for Mail, Messages, Airdrop, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Add to Photos, … Also many of your favorite applications from the Mac App Store might offer Share Extensions.

ArtHandler Share Menu

Share Extensions offer a great way to work with your artworks in ArtHandler. But there is one caveat: ArtHandler has no way of controlling what third party extensions do. While most extensions might work as expected, some might work in unexpected ways or might not work at all. In this case, don’t hesitate to contact us and, more importantly, the developer of the extension.

See if there are notes. ArtHandler allows you to add your own personal notes to each artwork. You can read and write notes by opening the notepad. Until now, when the notepad was closed, you could not see, if notes existed for the selected artwork. In ArtHandler 1.5, the words “View notes” will appear in the detail view to indicate that there are notes for the selected artwork. Clicking “View notes” will open the notepad.

ArtHandler 1.5 supports VoiceOver. ArtHandler now offers basic VoiceOver features.