Catalogue your artwork.

Unfortunately ArtHandler is no longer available for purchase. You can continue to use your existing copy of ArtHandler until it will - eventually - no longer be compatible with new versions of macOS.

Introducing ArtHandler 1.6 & Printing Artworks

Print an artwork from ArtHandler

ArtHandler 1.6 brings the second part of the much requested printing support feature: the possibility to print artworks (image & caption) directly from ArtHandler. Please note, that printing artworks is only available on OS X El Capitan and newer. There are three ways to print the selected artwork:

Print an artwork from ArtHandler: The print panel.

By default, ArtHandler prints the artwork’s key image with a caption consisting of title, year, media, dimensions and duration. You can add artist, location and price by checking the corresponding checkboxes in the print dialog.

You can choose between the fonts Baskerville and Helvetica Neue and between different font sizes. Baskerville and Helvetica Neue feature latin and cyrillic letters. ArtHandler will automatically choose a fallback font for other scripts.

ArtHandler remembers all of your choices for the next printing operation.

Printing Roadmap

Printing artworks is the second of three printing updates for ArtHandler. This is the printing roadmap: