Catalogue your artwork.

Unfortunately ArtHandler is no longer available for purchase. You can continue to use your existing copy of ArtHandler until it will - eventually - no longer be compatible with new versions of macOS.

Split View with ArtHandler

Split View

ArtHandler 1.5.2 allows you to use El Capitan’s new Split View feature. Split View fills your screen with two apps of your choice side by side. So you can compose an email to a curator while dragging and dropping in images from ArtHandler. Or work on an essay while looking up references in ArtHandler and pasting captions with the help of ArtHandler’s Copy Caption function. All without being distracted by other apps and windows.

Split View with ArtHandler

How to use Split View

To activate Split View click and hold the green full screen button in the upper-left corner of a window. Next, select the left or right half of the screen, and finally, select the app or window that should take up the other half of the screen.

We think Split View is most useful on smaller screen devices. On larger displays, we prefer arranging relevant windows next to each other.