Catalogue your artwork.

Unfortunately ArtHandler is no longer available for purchase. You can continue to use your existing copy of ArtHandler until it will - eventually - no longer be compatible with new versions of macOS.

What image formats are supported by ArtHandler?

ArtHandler supports the following formats:

Is your favorite format not on this list? Please let us know.

How can I add images from my Photos App Library?

You can add images directly from your Photos App Library to ArtHandler.

  1. Select an artwork in ArtHandler.
  2. Open the Add Image dialog via the toolbar, menu or keyboard shortcut.
  3. Select Photos from the Media section in the sidebar (№ 1 on screenshot).
  4. Select Photos (iPhoto, Aperture or Photo Booth) (№ 2 on screenshot).
  5. Select a photo.
  6. Click the Add Image button.
Add photo from Photos App to ArtHandler.

Where does ArtHandler store my images and data?

ArtHandler stores images and data locally on your Mac at the following location:


And more specifically here:

~/Library/Containers/com.martinwalk.ArtHandler/Data/Library/Application Support/com.martinwalk.ArtHandler

This information is just for curious users. You should never manually alter the data in this folder. If you still want to have a look, use Finder’s Go ‣ Go to Folder… and paste the path. The tilde (~) stands for your user home folder and is automatically translated by macOS.

How do I back up ArtHandler’s data?

macOS’s Time Machine feature is a great option for backing up data. ArtHandler saves your data in the user’s Library folder, which is by default included in Time Machine backups. Another popular backup tool is the excellent Carbon Copy Cloner.

Any backup solution that backs up your Library folder will also back up your artworks and images. Some cloud backup services might not include the Library folder by default. In this case, make sure to add the user’s Library folder or ArtHandler’s Container folder to your backup.

How do I move ArtHandler’s data to a new Mac?

If you use macOS’s Migration Assistant or Time Machine feature to migrate to a new Mac, ArtHandler’s data will be automatically moved along.

If you want to manually migrate ArtHandler’s data to a new Mac, just copy ArtHandler’s Container folder from the existing to the new Mac.

Will there be an iOS/Web/Windows version?

I might create an iOS version of ArtHandler some day, but I am not actively working on it at the moment.

There will be no web or Windows version of ArtHandler.